Why us? 

  • This is only the beginning: As an early stage startup, we encourage you to bring your ideas which makes us ideal for big thinkers and passionate people. As you grow, we grow.
  • Competitive salary + company bonus scheme: We believe passion should pay the bills
  • Be part of something bigger: Your role will be making a huge impact on our company as well as the impact it will be having on our amazing customer base and the mission we're dedicated to.

Who we're looking for?

  • Be accountable: We're looking for somebody who's organized and able to just get things done while holding standards high.
  • Be passionate: Love your craft and be dedicated to becoming better every day.
  • Be entrepreneurial: Make decisions as if it's your business, take care of our customers as if they're your own.
  • Be great at what you do: We're looking for a fast learner who has the ambition to strive for excellence in their role.
  • Be humble: Work hard and be great but don't let your ego get in the way. We're looking for somebody who is not only great at what they do but also great to work with. Be positive and have a constructive attitude.

Send your cv as well as what excites you most about joining our team to: